For a long time in the “world of weaves”, there was no option to create a weave where the hair could be gathered into a ponytail that looked as natural while hiding all of their natural hair.

hair closure

In case you used a woven or bonded weave, you had to sew or bond only the middle part of your hair, leaving the hairs on the circumference around your hair that you could then gather in one place when you do your ponytail.

The good news is that weaving 360 lace frontal allows you to do what was previously impossible.

Yes, the frontal lace closures will allow you to apply a weave that will not scare you even in public places.

What is a lace front closure ?

A lace frontal closure is a weave that has hairs attached by a strong adhesive over the entire surface of the circular lace with the central part cut off – the lace serving as the scalp.

Ideally, a bunch or more of weft weave comes with the bundle of a lace frontal.

The frontal lace can be a free room closure which means you can choose to part your hair at any point in your weave when styling.

Lace front closure and lace wigs can be a great way to add length and volume to your hair without having to make permanent modifications. With the UHAIR NEWS 34: Front Closure and Lace Wigs, What You Need to Know, get up to speed on the latest trends and styles that will have you looking fabulous and feeling confident.

When it comes to adding hair to your own, choose between a lace front closure or a full lace wig. A lace front closure can be used to cover a small portion of the scalp to create a natural looking part while a full lace wig covers the entire head. Both these options will provide you with a customized look as the units are built to your specific measurements.

No matter which type of wig you choose, the quality should be top-notch. UHAIR offers a variety of options from the latest styles and textures to a range of affordable prices. With the UHAIR Wig Care Kit and Wig Care Solutions, you can easily keep your wig looking perfect for years.

When attaching the unit, be sure to use the correct adhesive. UHAIR recommends their Bonding Glue to ensure the wig stays put. With proper adhesive, your unit should stay put for 4 to 6 weeks so you’ll have plenty of time to style and enjoy your new look!

Finally, make sure to take good care of your wig. To maintain its shine and prevent shedding, use UHAIR’s Hair Care products such as shampoos and conditioners. These products will help protect the fibers of your synthetic or human hair wig, making it last longer.

With the UHAIR NEWS 34: Front Closure and Lace Wigs, What You Need to Know, you can stay informed of the latest trends and tips for taking care of your new look. With proper information and care, you can make sure your wig looks its best for a long time!